Some Thoughts About Yoga and Meditation

What bothers me is when people say that they want to lose weight and for that purpose, they will start doing yoga. Doing Yoga for the purpose of weight loss is one of the biggest misconceptions and mistakes that I’ve ever heard of.

Yoga is a deeply spiritual practice that requires a practitioner to get under the umbrella of the religious philosophy associated with it. It requires a discipline, devotion, as well as acceptance of the yogi’s worldview and rules.

And like with every spiritual practice, there will be a trial period and a period that is known to westerners as a “dark night of the soul.”

So, if your personal spiritual practice fully satisfies you, if it feeds your soul and answers your inner questions, then my advice would be to stay with it. Yoga is a great practice, but it’s not for everybody, and it certainly shouldn’t be treated as a form of some physical exercise.
So, find other ways to lose weight and tone your body.

So, find other ways to lose weight and tone your body.

About meditation:
During an initial consultation with a new client, I am almost always asked what kind of meditation I recommend to cure depression.

To their surprise, my answer is always: “NONE.”

I strongly recommend not to start any meditation during the depression or if a person is going through a period of crisis. There are few reasons why I tell my clients not to mediate during those times. One of those reasons I want to briefly mention here.

When we experience a shocking event, tragedy or a devastating crisis, to protect ourselves, our mind places the most painful memories and associated feelings into our subconscious and creates a “protection barrier or wall,” between subconscious and conscious. During meditation, this wall could easily be broken and whatever was safely kept “locked,” will float “up” to the conscious.

Now, the person who is already suffering from depression or going through a life crisis will also have to deal with the “demons” of the past. Unacknowledged and unrecognized, these “demons” will manifest themselves in person’s physical life in the way of troublesome events and people. In these cases, psychologist, therapists, or experienced counselors can help. But sadly, not everyone has access to that help.

Don’t take me wrong here by thinking that I’m against meditation. Meditation can be very beneficial for a person who is very well grounded, who isn’t suffering from depression, anxiety, any psychological and psychiatric issues and not going through a life crisis or challenging situations.

The reason I am writing this post is that now days so many people who have access to the internet and who read a few self-help books position themselves as spiritual gurus and promote meditation as a panacea to every trouble there is: from stress to a job loss.

When and how would I recommend meditation?

Well, if the person doesn’t have any issues described above and not dealing with a crisis, then I recommend beginning meditating for five minutes every other day. Then increase to a daily practice. And always, please always, observe yourself and your life, notice if there are any changes.

For those of you who want to learn more about the “Dark Night of The Soul,” please read my series of articles called “Way of the Hero – Tarot Card Reading – Journey into Subconscious.”  In this set of articles, you will learn about the Journey your Soul makes as well as the associated events and their interpretations. You will also be able to see the relationship between the Tarot Card Reading and Current Events in your Life.

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