Navaratri and Three Aspects of Goddess

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Vedic astrology, as is known, is a system where the Moon’s influence on all processes on the Earth is given paramount importance.Therefore, the New Year is also considered in it according to the lunar calendar.
The starting point is the new moon in the lunar month Chaitra (March-April). In 2017, it is March 27. But the beginning of a new cycle will be the day when the first lunar day falls at dawn on March 28, 2017.
It is believed that this day is good for starting a business on a global scale and for opening bank accounts for a long time. And, as always, on especially significant astrological dates it is customary to go to temples, perform religious rituals and make donations (to give a good start to the year).
Also, with the first lunar days of the month of Chaitra, the spring Navratri festival begins, dedicated to various aspects of Goddess energy.

Vedic Astrology is called Jyotish, Jyotisha or Jyotishyam from Sanskrit jyotiṣa, from jyótis – “light, heavenly body”. It is the traditional Hindu system of astrology, also known as Hindu astrology, Indian astrology.

Navaratri (translates from Sanskrit as “Nine Nights”) is a Vedic celebration of reverence for Shakti. Navaratri is dedicated to the worship and glorification of the Divine Feminine, who is worshiped in three forms: Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati.

For the first three days, the Goddess Durga is honored. She is the angry aspect of the Mother Goddess, the Great Destroyer, mercilessly destroying negativity and misfortune and clears our paths to welcome new changes.

The next three days, the Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped. She provides both spiritual and material prosperity. After Durga clears the path, Lakshmi nourishes and builds up virtues.

And for the last three days, the Goddess Saraswati is worshiped. She bestows divine wisdom and knowledge. After Durga has removed negativity and misfortune and Lakshmi has provided prosperity, then Saraswati offers higher knowledge and enlightenment.

And, I personally think that this is very interesting flow. Because first, we have to cleanse ourselves of negative traits and clear our path to welcome new. Then we must ensure that our material/physical needs are taken care of, and we have enough of everything. In other words, we have to secure our income to ensure that we have enough to cover all of our expenses (food, bills, car, etc.). And only then, we should pursue a higher/spiritual knowledge.

(Please Note: For information about Goddess Lakshmi, please see my article, posted on April 24th, 2017 here: Goddess Lakshmi )

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