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I receive a lot of questions about magic and witchcraft, but here are the most asked ones:

1. Is harming others using magick to protect oneself ethical or Not?

2. What gives bad name/reputation to witchcraft?

Before I proceed, here are some questions I want to ask that are not related to magick/witchcraft:
1. If someone you don’t know tries to enter your house without your permission, what would you do? Well, you call 911. Right? And why would you call 911? To protect yourself and your house. Right?
2. So, here is another question: Is your call to 911 ethical or unethical?
3. Now, let’s see another scenario: the criminals already in your house and they want to harm you and your family, what do you do? First, if you’re able to, you call 911. Then, when you see the real danger is upon your family, you fight. You fight as hard as you can to protect your family. You don’t hide waiting until your loved ones are harmed. You fight. You take whatever you have in your house that can be useful and you fight.
4. The question is: Is fighting hard to protect your family is ethical or unethical?
5. Now, you successfully protected your family and also police came on time and arrested them. Once the criminals are arrested, you want to see the justice and also you want to make sure they won’t come back to harm you or other families as well. So, what do you do? You go to a court and you justify, to make sure that these criminals will get the punishment they deserve.
6. The question is, is it ethical or unethical to ensure that the criminals are locked up so they won’t come back to harm you or other families?

My answers to all of the above questions will be one and the same: It is Ethical!

It is Ethical to call for a help of those who can help you to protect, it is ethical to use your own power to protect those that you are obligated to protect, and yes it is ethical to ensure that those who tried to harm won’t do it again!

And I would have the same exact answer in regards to magic: Yes, it is Ethical to Protect yourself, your family, your business, and whatever or whoever else you must protect.

What is unethical – is to sit and watch how those that you are obligated to protect are being harmed, and not do a damn thing about it. That is UNETHICAL.

Now, the second question is about “giving a bad name to witchcraft”. But I don’t want to address this before I explain the following:
Here is the rule I live by and follow: “Do no harm – but take no shit”

To explain this term, I will divide it into two parts:

1. “Do no harm” – this is the very tricky term. We need to understand that we do actually harm unintentionally, even just by walking. A good example is, when we step on ants, we kill them, right? Ants are tiny, we don’t see them and without knowing, we can easily step on them. Therefore, we harm unintentionally. This is Nature.
But there is an Intentional Harm.
And here is an example, your childhood friend became successful and lives a life of your dreams. You don’t care how hard he worked to reach that level, all you see is his success. That friend never did anything bad to you, on the contrary, he even helped you on the few occasions. Yet, you had become jealous of his success and use your magical knowledge to harm him for a purpose that he will lose some of his fortunes. That is what I call Intentional Harm – because you intentionally harming someone who did not do anything bad to you. If that person has a good natural protection, it will backfire on you badly. Also, it will definitely backfire on you if that person has helped you before in any way, but your jealousy blinded you so badly that all you want is to strip him of his fortunes and won’t rest until you see him lose some of what he owns. Things like that will backfire on you, it will bite you in the ass badly. Why? Because you are harming Intentionally someone who did not do anything bad to you.

Also, we DO NOT harm people that we don’t personally like if they didn’t do anything bad to us. We just don’t do this! Regardless of how much you dislike this person, if he/she didn’t do any harm to you or yours, you just DO NOT HARM him/her.

And this is how I understand the term “Do no harm”.

Now let’s look at the second part of the term:
2. “Take no shit” – this is also a very tricky term for some individuals. Here is the way I live this rule. And that’s very simple actually. If anyone tries to harm my family, my business or whatever else I am responsible to protect will be immediately stopped by me and also will be severely punished to a degree where he/she will never be able to harm me or mine again. One more secret, that I usually say to my students is: “clean all the tails, don’t leave anything that might come back in the future”. It means, that if the person who tried to harm you once will get away with “not enough” punishment, most likely will come back and do more harm. So, always make sure that the person who intentionally harms you, won’t be able to do it again. No compassion should even exist in such cases.

So, I really hope that I did answer these important questions.

~ by Rita Digilova, September 2017
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