About Results of our Actions vs. Responsibilities

None of us are free from the results of our actions.
All of us are obliged to meet the consequences of the actions we take.
And this is a truth.

However, this truth raises a universal question:

If we have to face the consequences of our actions, shouldn’t we just live quietly and refrain from taking any action that, we know for sure, will create some unwanted consequences for us in the future?

And this is a tricky question, to which, I don’t think the “right” answer exists. Also, each situation is unique.
But what I can say for sure is, that the fact of facing consequences of our actions, doesn’t free us up from fulfilling our responsibilities.

For example: when in order to protect her underage child from a danger, a mother is left with no choice but to do a certain action that might make her face unwanted consequences in the future, she must do whatever needs to be done in order to protect her child.
Even if it makes her uncomfortable and she is afraid of the consequences, but if she doesn’t take an action to protect her child, and his/her interests and rights, then she is not fulfilling her responsibilities as a mother.

Yes, we might face some unwanted consequences, but we are still not free from our worldly responsibilities and must take an action in order to fulfill them (in this example – responsibilities of a mother).

~ by Rita Digilova, November 2017
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