When I finished writing about Self-Love, I realized that I hadn’t answered the most important question: Where does love of Self begins? I wrote about self-respect and a love for one’s own body, but the text was lacking its beginning. And without the beginning, nothing would work. None of the know-how tips about self-love would do anything. I knew that I had to go deeper and answer certain specific questions: What is the Self? Is it a sum of all the parts of us? Is it our soul, spirit, is it what the C.G. Jung described it is? I was sitting with this question for a few days without publishing an article of Self-Love. I knew that something was missing. And that that something was the BEGINNING.

As we all know, there is no question without an answer. In other words, if the question exists, then the answer to it must exist as well. I just had to bring it up to the front of my consciousness, somehow…

The answer came along faster than I thought: in a fitting room while trying on a dress with a help of a sales associate. When she heard my 22-year-old daughter calling me “mom,” she paused in disbelief. Then she complimented me on my “young” look! She said that I don’t look my age. I smiled and replied, stating that I don’t have an “age,” that I am ageless, I am eternal… I am “forever”.  And that I have been a resident of this wonderful physical body for the last 41 years.

That was my “Aha” moment. This was my answer! I am eternal, I am ageless, I am “forever” and I have received the greatest gift from the divine: this beautiful physical body that allows me to experience this physical life, as a physical being, walking upon this planet – smelling, tasting, feeling, seeing, creating.

You see, we are not who we think we are! We are divine beings – ageless, timeless, eternal.

With this in mind, I went back to the text and wrote the BEGINNING.

I wrote my understanding of Who We Really Are, what are We doing here on this wonderful and truly magnificent planet known as Earth, and most importantly how we ended up in our absolutely amazing physical bodies.

Allow me to tell you my own cosmology – my own view of the Universe, the creation and how it All started. Of course, my understanding could be different form yours. I am by no means trying to impose my view on anyone. However, since many of you have asked me about how to find true love for Self, the only way I see how to answer this is by explaining how I see it.

So, here we go:

“In the BEGINNING there was NOTHING. And NOTHING was the BEGINNING. There was no space, no time; there were just NOTHING. And suddenly a THOUGHT: “I AM THAT, I AM”. The moment NOTHING had the thought “I AM THAT, I AM”,  it suddenly stopped being NOTHING and became SOMETHING and EVERYTHING. It is that precise moment, eons later, that modern human physicists will name it as the “Big Bang”.

It expanded and divided Itself into billions upon billions upon billions of particles and then it started To Name Things “I AM THAT, I AM” – ” I am the universe”, – “I am the stars”, “I am the galaxies and planets, I am – the Element from which everything is made from”. “I am the cause and effect” – “I am the blade of grass that animal eats and I am the animal that eats that grass” , “I am everything and nothing at the same time”, – “I am the person who writes this article and I am the person who will read it”, – ” I am the ONE that is studying my Self and getting more and more fascinated with everything I already know about my Self and by what I still have to learn.” , – “I AM that, which I see and which I don’t”, – “I will continue to express myself and recreate my Self again and again, in the new and more fascinating ways than ever before – forever and ever as there is no Time and no Space, it’s only Me in everything and everything is Me”. ” I AM THAT, AND THAT, AND THAT …….”

There is no I or You – there is only ONE – projected into everyone and everything in order to expand ITSELF and create new forms. To experience, to learn to taste, to smell, to touch, to feel, to love, to hate, to destroy, to rebuild, and so on and on for eons. Each and every one of us is the unique expression of the Formless ONE. And all you need to do is AWAKEN. When you do that, you will  REMEMBER Who You Really Are. You will REMEMBER your Divine Origin. When it happens, you will feel being the ONE, living in everything and everyone and that you are much more than the physical body you currently reside in. That is the moment when you will understand that your body, your life, your troubles, your problems, your success, your love and your hate are nothing but stepping stones on the road to the realization of your Divine Origin. And suddenly you will fall in love with everything in your life, including that marvelous, physical body of yours.

You will love the bad experiences you had to live through because they made you expand and grow and eventually see that you are a Divine Being projected into this physical body, walking upon this beautiful planet, recreating yourself over and over again, in the likeness and the Spirit of the ONE.


“I love the Body that I currently live in.  I cherish this body, I care about this body. I feed it well, I exercise it, I give it proper rest. This body gives me the opportunity to express and expand my Divine Self, to experience physical life, to feel different feelings, to love, to taste, to smell, to see, to touch. I will care for this body because I want to spend as much time as possible walking upon this wonderful planet until the time comes for me to leave it and move on to the next level in my individual conscious evolution, which could be here, on this planet again or some place else.”

If you repeat this affirmation for 30 consecutive days (without missing a day) before you get up from the bed and before you fall asleep – this wisdom will become your reality. Start physically living this affirmation, as well. Learn about your body, learn the cycles, learn about proper nutrition – and implement it! Start moving your body by walking on a daily basis.

See, creation happens on three levels: mind, body, and spirit:

  1. By repeating an affirmation – you make changes in your mind.
  2. 2. By doing physically what you affirm, you’re making changes in your body.
  3. 3. By doing both of the above, you are working on the spirit level –  you are observing it!

© Rita Digilova, 2014

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