Meaning of Words

One of the most confusing aspects of quantum physics is the uncertainty principle and the observer effect.

When Heisenberg presented the uncertainty principle to Einstein, he said: “I don’t believe God would play dice with the Universe.”

On the contrary, Stephen Hawking made the statement, “not only does God play dice with the Universe, sometimes throws the dice where you cannot find them.”

Basically, the Universe is transformed by every act of observation. When we observe we always interpret and each interpretation eventually becomes our reality. It has a large impact on us because each one of us is verbally programmed. I often find myself in a situation with others when we use the same words but they mean different things to us. It means each one of us understands differently – whatever word “love” means to me, will not necessarily have the same meaning to another person. In other words: if someone had a painful experience when first he or she fell in love, that feeling of pain will be “attached” to the word “love”; however if another person had a happy romantic relationship which grew up into something beautiful – feeling of joy will be “attached” to the word “love”. And this is true for almost everything.

Until we know how we feel when we hear a word of interest, we won’t really know what kind of programming is running on the “back” of our mind (or in our subconscious mind). Another example:  if someone grew up in poverty, the family being constantly in debt and counting every penny – what kind of feelings would be “attached” to the words “money” or “wealth”?

In order to observe my own feelings towards a word that has a significance at the current moment, I write that word on a paper and without thinking, I immediately continue to write whatever comes to my mind. When I finish, I look at it and result usually surprises me: it is a mix of different feelings, words, names of people, old and almost forgotten events, trauma(s), physical pain…

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