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Vasanta Navaratri (Spring Navaratri) – according to the Vedic Calendar begins tomorrow – March 18.

Navaratri (translates from Sanskrit as “Nine Nights”) – is a Vedic celebration of reverence for Shakti – Universal Divine Feminine. Shakti is manifested in three forms: Durga, Lakshmi, and Saraswati.

For the first three days, the Goddess Durga is honored. She is the angry aspect of the Mother Goddess, the Great Destroyer, mercilessly destroying negativity and misfortune and clears our paths to welcome new changes. She is also a Great Protector.

The next three days, the Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped. She provides both spiritual and material prosperity. After Durga clears the path, Lakshmi nourishes and builds up virtues.

And for the last three days, the Goddess Saraswati is worshiped. She bestows divine wisdom and knowledge. After Durga has removed negativity and misfortune and Lakshmi has provided prosperity, then Saraswati offers higher knowledge and enlightenment.

I personally think that this is a very important flow of different aspects of the same energy. We should be able to manifest each aspect through ourselves in our lives:

First, with Durga Energy we have to cleanse ourselves of negative traits, clear our path to welcome new, and learn how to protect those we love and are responsible for.
Then the Energy of Lakshmi will ensure that our material/physical needs are taken care of, we have enough resources for what we need, and also we are able to properly manage them. In other words, we have to secure our income to ensure that we have enough to cover all of our expenses (food, bills, car, etc.).
With the Energy of Saraswati, we must obtain the knowledge – and not just higher/spiritual knowledge, but also the knowledge how to successfully manifest the other two aspects of the Divine Energy.

All Three Aspects of that Divine Energy must flow through us in the Great Balance. In other words, Durga, Lakshmi, and Sarasvati energies should be equally “played out” inside.

For example, too much of the Lakshmi energy can make us greedy, we can splurge on things we don’t need, etc.
Too much energy of Durga can make us very angry, we can argue with anyone for no reason, and see enemies everywhere.
The excessive energy of Sarasvati can make us very hungry for the knowledge, we can become like hoarders of knowledge. And while we are too busy pursuing knowledge, other two aspects might become unbalanced.

I wrote the first article about three aspects of the Divine Feminine on Fall Navaratri in 2016. Back then, I took a vow to really live what I wrote as I knew that these energies are unbalanced in me.
What I can say now is: “Be careful what you wish for, you might get it”
But on the serious note, the experience of learning to balance all three aspects – is incredible.
However, “incredible: does not mean “pleasant”.

When I decided to balance these energies out, I already knew that Saraswati was always prevailing over the other two. All my life I was very busy obtaining knowledge: studying, buying books, reading, researching, getting academic degrees… etc.
Yet, Durga’s energy was always there too. I realized that it would of have been perfectly balanced if Saraswati’s energy wouldn’t be dominant. Lakshmi’s energy was also there, but the older I got, Saraswati was taken more and more “space”.

When I decided to balance these energies inside of me, my life took the turn, when I first had to experience Durga’s energy. (Remember the traditional Vedic flow mentioned at the beginning of this article? First, it is Durga, then Lakshmi, and Saraswati).
The life experience was difficult, but since I already knew how the Durga’s aspects manifest, I was able to fully express that energy through me and take care of everything the way Durga does.
While experiencing the Durga’s energy, what was important to me – is to be fully conscious of it (earlier in my life this energy also manifested perfectly well, but I wasn’t aware of it).
This time, I cleared all the old and unneeded things in my life (including people), I had to stand up for my mom and protect her rights, and viciously fight for what I am responsible to protect. (Of course, I did not physically fight like Goddess Durga did when she had to slay evil Mahishasura in order to save the gods.)
While I was being more and more aware of Durga’s energy in me, Lakshmi has appeared! In other words, life brought me to a point where I had no other choice but to face Lakshmi and learn again to fully manifest her energy through myself. Why I had to learn again? Well, even though Durga’s energy was always there and manifested when circumstances of my life called for it, Lakshmi’s energy that was always present earlier in my life, later got diminished. No, she never left, but her presence was so little compared to Saraswati and Durga.
Therefore, this time, I was about to bring her full power back into my life. And I succeeded! Now I am fully conscious of her energy in myself and in my life and aware of how Lakshmi’s energy manifests.
The only issue is that from time to time I had to bring my attention back to her. This happens because in the last 10 years her energy, compared to other two Goddesses, was present a lot less.
Now, according to the flow: first is Durga, then Lakshmi, and Saraswati, therefore it would be logical that my life would bring me to a point where I had to face Saraswati. But, Saraswati’s energy is already dominant! My life itself is a manifestation of Saraswati. It was a dilemma for me because now I needed to understand how to make Saraswati’s energy equally balanced with Durga and Lakshmi. So, what I did first, I took about 85% of all the books that I have and left them in a condo in Old Bridge. No, I didn’t get rid of my books, but I had to make sure that they are not in the house I live in. I also did some other things as well to bring the energy of Saraswati in balance.
I cannot say that today all of the energies are equally playing out through me. I still have more energy of Saraswati manifested through me, but it is not as dominant as it used to be.

The bottom line is: All of us are divine beings living in the human bodies. All of these different aspects of the same divine energy are within us and manifest through regardless of us being aware of them or not. We just need to understand and learn how to properly and organically balance them out.

~ Rita Digilova (March 17, 2018)

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