About Spiral Changes in Life (notes from my journal)

We’re all good swimmers in the calm and quiet water. It’s easier to follow our spiritual practice when everything seems good and peaceful. But if something goes not according to our plan, if something drastic happens, then suddenly it feels like all of our knowledge is starting to vanish and our faith is slowly beginning to dissipate somewhere into the void. Is there any way to cope with the critical situation without rolling back in our daily spiritual practice?
Based on my knowledge and experience, when we move forward, we usually imply some sort of kickbacks. Life- changes don’t just happen in the straight, forward line. Instead, they occur in a spiral. The spiral is when you, for example, take four steps forward, and then two steps back, and then again a few steps forward …, then couple steps back…
Some sort of pullback is inevitable. In difficult situations when you have to take steps back, what sometimes helps is to retreat and seclude yourself for a few days from the mundane world to rethink and recharge. Even though these kickbacks can be sometimes difficult, we shouldn’t be afraid of them, because eventually they will help us to take new steps up and a leap forward.

~ by Rita Digilova, July  2017

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