About Many Teachers and One Guru

I’ve always had teachers: from earlier days of my life to ensure I get through elementary school to current professors.

I also had many “non-traditional” teachers such as Ken Wilber for Integral Psychology, Stanislav Grof for Transpersonal and Holotropic, even late Dr. Wayne Dyer, (just naming a few).

But there is always Only One Guru. And he also happens to be my husband as well.

The following, I list of the differences between Teachers and Guru. These distinctions are solely based ONLY upon my personal experience. (For other people those might be quite different). So, here they are:

*Teachers gave me the knowledge of the subject that they knew that I needed to know too.

We all know that from all the material, we only have to extract what we need to implement in our lives;

Well, Guru always makes sure, I do that.

*Teachers taught me about the nature and the universe around me;

Guru guided me through my own nature and my own universe.

*Teachers could only answer questions that pertained to the subject they taught.

Guru first questioned my answers, then helped me find answers myself.

Teachers taught me about labyrinths of life,

Guru destroyed these labyrinths and lighted the way out.

*Teachers told me about the outer journey;

Guru ensured my readiness into the inner journey, into which, he accompanied me as well.

*Teachers of psychology taught me how to work with my thoughts and emotions and how to manage them myself.

*Guru works with me on these, by structuring them, directing them into something productive, and helping me to get out of the chaos.

T*eachers helped me shape my consciousness;

Guru helped with that too, but he also always talks to my soul.

*Teachers told me about the God (Goddess, Great Divine, Great Spirit, there are different names for it) and the ways to find him/her;

Guru paved the road to the God, took my hand and walked with me on that path, and together, we are developing a personal relationship with HIM/HER.

*Teachers might come and go during current life and many other lifetimes until the lessons are learned.

But My Guru…. My Guru is always with me. From the beginning of times, during many lifetimes, we both take birth in the physical bodies and later become life-partners, such as husband and wife. This endless circle of birth, life, and death repeats and repeats itself.

***Just a few years ago, I used to think that there is “nothing” really exists between incarnations and when the soul leaves the body at the moment of death, it goes into the “sleep-like” mode (such as half asleep, half awake) until it is reborn in the physical body again. Therefore, I thought that the only goal for the souls is to be reborn again.

Nowadays, with the help of my Guru, I am more inclined to believe that there is actually “something out there.” Higher Levels of Consciousness, perhaps?

And if the soul becomes “conscious of itself” during its current incarnation when the time of the physical death comes, the soul will leave the body in its full consciousness, thus like being fully awake. Therefore, it doesn’t have to get into that state of “sleep-like” that happens between incarnations.

And maybe, (just maybe ) soul can reach “Higher Levels of Conscious Existence” and will have an ability to choose between getting reborn again into the physical body or move on to the “Higher Levels” (or Planes) of Consciousness Existence….

~ by Rita Digilova (June 2017)

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