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I’ve been collecting dolls since… Well, since forever! This particular doll is made in 1985 in India and her name is Amrapali. I wanted her for quite a while and finally, last summer, I was able to find and purchase her through an auction. All these years she was stored in the box and I got her in the perfect, new condition!
I don’t follow any particular rule like most collectors do. However, there is one and only rule I have – I never bring home broken, chipped or scratched doll. The doll doesn’t have to be new, but it must never be damaged. And there is a reason for that. Since ancient times, dolls were connected to their owners. And I believe that with the time, they acquire and store part of their owner’s energy and even develop some sort of personality.
Sometimes dolls are used in therapy (there is a whole division called “play therapy”) and as a visual representation of a particular part of a subconscious.
So, my advice to doll collectors is short and simple: do not bring home a doll that is damaged and/or has anything that you wouldn’t want to have to yourself. On the contrary, acquire a doll that represents qualities that you would want to see in yourself.

© Rita Digilova, May 2017

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